May 10th Meeting of Royal Oak Neighbors

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The next meeting of concerned Royal Oak Neighbors will take place on Wednesday May 10th at 5:00pm Kate Flynn’s house, 2805 Player Ct


Royal Oak Neighbors Meeting Agenda

1.     Status of Toulon Apartments proposal, or feedback regarding city staff’s comments?

2.     Comprehensive Plan- any further gems identified for our objections? -Liz

3.     St John’s River Water Management District-Ron found interesting info on regarding water supply. And article on about the Floridian aquifer & the concern of freshwater basins meeting usage demands. 

4.     No Rezone signs: have a few remaining of the 3rd set of 100. Feedback?

5.     Signed petitions. Liz is collecting & managing the data. -report from Liz regarding # collected and what streets still need to be covered. 

6.     LLC and non profit filing. Working on this. Identifying attorney to help with the non profit filing. 

7.     Request submitted to city for service dates lift station Harper Ct -Vickie

8.     Request submitted to city for # multi family developments larger than 6 units approved and started-Vickie

9.     Request submitted to Code Enforcement manager Glenn Tolleson for update of demolition plans Clubhouse-Vickie

10.  Voter list email contacts to increase knowledge city wide-Dan

11.  Update: Apollo Gardens proposal at 2727 Demaret for 3 story, 84 unit building for “Supportive housing for adults with serious mental illness and substance abuse” offering “Medication Assisted Treatment” and for tenants that meet homeless demographics. Megan, Janet, Kate, Vickie

12.  Any pictures of endangered or protected animals on golf course? Reports of scrub jay sighting. Looking for pictures 

13.  SB540 passed. HB359 last action “laid on table” May 1, 2023. 

14.  Emails sent to Brevard County School District /Board to inform of Toulon Apartments proposal-Vickie 

15.  Email to FL Dept of Environmental Protection, Office of the Ombudsman and Public Services John Calhoun. -Vickie

16.  Documenting previous landfill status of GC. Vickie contacting Brevard Historical Society, Cocoa Library, and Brevard County Land Records. 

17.  Discussion: pros and cons of submitting request to city for “3 month moratorium of Royal Oak Golf Course rezoning.” 

18.  Next meeting time & place

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