It isn’t why we moved to Titusville…

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When we decided to move to Titusville seven years ago what attracted us the most was the small town charm, the proximity to the intercoastal waterway and the easy going lifestyle that has characterized this part of Florida.

What attracted is to the Royal Oak area was the quality of the neighborhood and the low density homes of substantial quality. It’s nice not having neighbors piled one on top of another like the big cities. Another consideration was the ample areas for water to run off in the event of a hurricane. All of use who have lived here for more than a couple years know full well that isn’t a “maybe”… but simply a reality.

The proposed development by Toulon Apartments completely takes the intent of the original plans for this area designed in the master plan and turns it on it’s head! Their concept couldn’t be further from what was originally conceived for the Royal Oak area OR what those of us who live here bought into when we purchased out homes.

If we had wanted to live right in the middle of the largest apartment and townhome development in Titusville we would have purchased a home elsewhere. And the idea that Toulon Apartments somewhat specializes in low income housing doesn’t have much appeal either! I know we will never get the golf course back again… but this proposal is absolute heresy compared to the 78 luxury homes the former golf course is currently zoned for!

It’s not just those of us who live specifically in the Royal Oak area who will feel the impact of 600 new homes! Someone will need to pay for the extra schools, expanded sewer and water services, utilities, garbage and recycling, extra recreational facilities, additional police and fire protection, enhanced access roads to the area and much more! How about evacuation considerations. Can you begin to imagine what hurricane evacuation traffic jams will be like with all the extra people? How could Country Club Drive possibly deal with all that traffic. And every day the residents of LaCita will feel like they are living on the side of I-95 as all those people commute work!

There are so many potential complications to comprehend… and so many more no one ever thought about! Long after these developers have extracted all their profits from the local area, those of us who are and have been long term residents will be bearing the burden of the over development of the Royal Oak area.

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The next meeting of concerned Royal Oak Neighbors will take place on Tuesday April 9, 2024 at 6:00pm-7:30pm at the Titusville Library – 2121 S

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